Who we are

Friends Church is made of members from all walks of life – Natives, Immigrants and multinationals, visiting or living America. Like Mordechai told Esther, “You don’t know why God has called you at a time like this…”; we believe God wants us to stand in the gap between all people are or have been disenfranchised in one way or another in any part of the world, not only by faith, but in deeds as well. Often, we meet many refugees and immigrants who are like we once were. Some come to our meeting as seekers.

Some come out of curiosity. Some come to intercede for others.

To support those who need support – the good Samaritans. Yet some, in their simplicity, come to just sit and listen and to sup in the experience as the Spirit leads. God has a reason for this because there is that of God in everyone. Whether coming to seek, to listen, out of curiosity or looking for a fulfilling worship group, FGMDQ is the all-inclusive society to speak to your faith. Hearken to the call of the Spirit, to complete the Body of Christ.

Friends Church is a Christ-Centered and Bible-based church. We are mostly a church of immigrants and refugees from Africa, who have come to America over the past few decades. Our roots and identity link us to many immigrants and refugees arriving in America who need Christ, and socio-economic support to start a new life. They call us to help when they visit our church or when we meet them at the grocery store or at the workplaces.

Our church has become like the well of Jacob where Christ meets the Samaritans, and where the call to worship God in truth and in Spirit is awakened. The Spirit draws people from all over Africa to places where we worship, fellowship, work, live, and seek life. We are answering the call to help them by asking for your support to help build Friends Resource Center so that we can get the following done..